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Topic: Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

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    Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

    Please share your opinion and comments(comparisons & contrasting appreciated) on the following libraries:1)Yellow Tools Pure Guitar 2)Maximum Strength and 3)Nashville High Strung Guitar.Downloaded the few demos for each from TASCAM\'s official site and want a broader spectrum to choose from to help me evaluate their potential usefullness in my situation.Are there any of you who have done independent user MP3\'s with these titles which I could download and listen to these?Also,where can I ascertain the exact contents(in detail,file by file with sizes) of these titles other than the paragraph or so which generally describes these bundled with some hype which naturally is to be expected.Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

    Welcome to the world of buying samples. If you get that level of feedback and detail BEFORE you purchase you will be lucky. Many of us purchase libraries based on demos alone and get burned. Luckily for you, all of the above mentioned libraries seem to have high praise from their users. I do not own any of them persoanlly so I can\'t comment. But plenty have commented on these before so I\'m sure you will get your information. You may want to search this forum on \"Pure Guitars\" for example.

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    Re: Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

    Hi strummer42,

    you may check out the download area at \"www.yellowtools.com\".
    There you\'ll get demotracks and detailed information (booklet download) of our pure guitars librariy and other pure series sampling cd-roms.


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    Re: Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

    You may want to check out demos and information on \"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjos\" at www.bardstownaudio.com

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: Opinions On Guitar Libraries wanted please

    I\'ve only used the Maximum Strength guitar. It is excellent. The sound is terrific, and the accompanying MIDI files enabled me to get a much more realistic blues guitar accompaniment than I would have been able to compose on my own.

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