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Topic: playing around with GPO

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    playing around with GPO

    Hi everyone! I'm working on some ideas for a theme. I'm using Garritan Personal Orchestra. This track suppose to be the point of starting and got no real dynamic in it. So it would be great if you would tell me what you think about it. The track is on our homepage for a short period of time!

    Ideas for: at the beginning


    I would love to hear from you

    Thanks for your Feedback!

    Thanks for your feedback! I listened to your works and I have to say that I'm impressed and enjoyed them very much. You're right with the dynamics and the reverb. But this work is just at the start so I didn't care about that so far. This is my first work for a full orchestra, so I'm "at the beginnig" and just trying out what's my way to control this "weapon" and what possibilities I got so far.

    I write at the piano (often just playin around to some pictures or some feelings in my imagination) and on drums (for rhythmics) until I got the whole structure. After that I start to work out additional melodies for woodwinds and so on. For me it's important to get the whole picture in my head before I switch on the PC. I think the less you got, the more creative you got to be.

    In this theme the next step will be to div. some String and Woodwind Parts and so on and try to get some colour in the sounds and rests and of course the dynamics.
    Thats the way I like to work

    So thanks again and greetz from austria!
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    Re: playing around with GPO

    Welcome Andreas!

    A very bombastic-ish grand opening you have so far. Very cool rythmic ideas.
    Yes, I would definitely work on the dynamics. Make the music "breathe" a bit more. A touch more reverb would help as well. As far as your themes and construction - your off to a great start! Your themes are interesting and I want to hear how you develop them.

    For "playing around" it's a very impressive start!

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    Re: playing around with GPO


    Welcome to the Garritan forum! Good to have you here with us.

    Definitely like this. Some really nice ideas and melodies. I agree that there could be some more reverb, and perhaps more breathing room. Even though you mentioned you don't want it to be too dynamic, perhaps trying some decresendos on the end of some of the phrases, and little swells will give it a little more life, but otherwise you are definitely on to a great start with this.


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    Re: playing around with GPO

    Hi, Scrimthecat

    What an exciting start you've posted! You said it's a theme--for any particular purpose, like for your company maybe? You said "our home page."

    ---You replied to the others on this thread by editing your original post?--No need to do that, in fact, it's better to add your response to the thread so that this topic, your thread, will move back to the top of the page where people will have a better chance to discover it.

    At this point in development, your piece is sounding a bit disjointed, like it's several short themes which have been joined together, but not always in a way that keeps them connected. Maybe so?

    And I think as you work on it, you'll find some more harmonic material for it. There are times when it thins out with instruments in unison, without as much supporting harmony as it could have.

    Something you said inspired me to attempt some advice for you:

    "...For me it's important to get the whole picture in my head before I switch on the PC. I think the less you got, the more creative you got to be..."

    That actually might be a contradiction. If you want to have less to start with - then why get things so organized and ready before you turn on the computer?

    As you become more accustomed to creating music via GPO and your computer, give yourself the opportunity to discover how you can work just as you described - using a piano on your computer first, but then having the large palette of other instruments available to you immediately to try out arranging ideas. Remember that all music starts as improvisation - it's been edited and honed. I think you'll find it exciting to work through that discovery process with your PC On, not off until you think you have your piece figured out.

    Thanks much for the post.

    Randy B.

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