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Topic: Latest update killed Omni for me

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    Latest update killed Omni for me

    On a mac G5 running Leopard

    Installed the update 1.0.4f

    Now I get this error message whenever I try to load Omnisphere in Live or Cubase

    __________________________________________________ ___________


    cannot open multi/users/G5/Library/application support/spectrasonics/steam/omnisphere/defaults/default.mlt_omn

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Yes, I have a "Steam" alias pointing to my samples hard drive.

    No matter what I do I can't get OMNi to see the folder and now I can't load anything.

    Is my best bet to just throw everything associated with omnisphere away and spend 5 hours reloading it???

    I'm really confused as to why we have to go through this method finding a sample folder????

    Can't we just open the plug in , tell it where to look and have it find the samples like NI???

    Really, does it have to be this hard?


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    Re: Latest update killed Omni for me

    Just make a new alias....yours got corrupted for some reason.

    The instructions to solve that common problem are in the support knowledgebase:


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    Re: Latest update killed Omni for me

    You know I tried this and it didn't work... cause I FORGOT to rename the alias.


    Thanks, Eric.


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