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Topic: Guitar and Bass Discussion

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    Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Sirbellog posted: \"Yes, Munsie, that\'s right,
    waiting and waiting again make us tired in the end... and about the Vintaudio Guitars, I judge them quite fine, good enough in any case to help the sampled-guitar-seekers find their sleep again for a while.... maybe not as thorough as the QL Strat is (supposed to be), but at least these guitars are three, not one, and three which are very playable for melodies, arpeggios and choruses(strumming and chords are their only weak point IMO). And as far as Soundsonline is concerned, they apparently reply to customers\' inquiries only when they please to do so ! So I guess that I won\'t rush any longer into the QL Strat as fast as I intended to do. Any more info about the Pure Guitars ? (I purchased the Pure Basses, and my first feeling is a positive one)\"

    I think I\'ve learned my lesson about getting excited about a library based on ascii text in a forum. From now on I\'m not even going to post comments about something until there is a demo available.

    The Vintaudio stuff at this point for me is very nice. I\'m doing a few \"Police\" style tunes and running those samples through some slight distortion and chorus really gives me that classic Police chord sound. I also love the mutes in the guitars. For some pop riffs it works quite well. For power chords it\'s not working too well. Single power notes and leads is working well for me. I\'ve told him to do some chord libraries, perhaps he will do that.

    I also like the E-Bass stuff. By far better than anything in my current library. My next bass purchases will probably be Scarbee fingered and picked CDs.

    Powertools is coming out with an E-Guitar library. Expect it to be nice and priced similar (nice!) to thier other products. They use these new E-Guitar libaries in one of their E-Bass demos. I forget which one. This is now my most anticipated library at the moment.

    Here are the guitar and bass libraries I own. I have rated them in two categories ranging from 1-5, 5 being the best. The first rating is for sound quality. The 2nd rating is for overall value based on price,number of instruments, etc.

    * Sonic Implants Guitars (3,5)
    Hans Zimmer Guitars #1 (3,4)
    Vintaudio Clean Guitars (3.5,4)
    Quantum Leap Guitar And Bass (3.5,4)
    E-Bass Series #1 (4.5,4)
    Dan Dean Giga Bass (4,5)
    Heavy Guitars by Q-Up Arts (1,1)
    Acoustic Essentials (3.5,5)

    * I have ALL of the Sonic Implants guitar libraries so this is a grouped rating.

    What guitar libraries do you (anyone?) own?

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Hi Franky,

    \"how do i do this chord thing right\"

    Here\'s my 2 bits on a chord library:

    Up and down strums. About 2 octaves of each. Left side would be down strums, right side up strums.

    At least 3 different velocities per chord.

    Key switching to switch between major,minor,7th,sus,etc. chord types.

    Fret noise, string clicks,noise, etc. on upper 2 octaves. I don\'t know the term, but there is a sound that is made when a chord is played and before playing another chord the player mutes all strings and produces a \"chick-a\" sound. We need that too!

    All the above in 1 gig file.

    Gig variations:

    clean_short_sustain, clean_medium_sustain, clean_long_sustain.

    light_distortion_short_sustain,light_distortion_me dium_sustain,light_distortion_long_sustain.

    heavy_distortion_short_sustain,heavy_distortion_me dium_sustain,heavy_distortion_long_sustain.

    For a total of 9 gig files!

    I need this done by January 1st! Thanks..

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    What you say Munsie, about the multiple needs in guitar chords makes sense.
    It\'s indeed very vital to have dynamic variety, speed variety, and length variety in strumming, and those \"in between noises\" (I do not know the term either) that make strumming so alive and organic.
    Variety is necessary, because nothing is more terrible than to \"strum\" a chord and feel that it does not really fit the tempo, or that it lasts too long (unless you stop it unnaturally), or that it is too short, too loud, or too weak.... Well, that makes a quite a lot of samples to edit before January 1st!!
    About Pure Basses that I studied a little further, I\'m a bit disapointed now :
    It seems to me that if the bass samples are various and good, the programming is very poor : no gig.file takes benefit from Giga\'s features, like dimensions (others than a few velocity switches, like those my old faithfull K2500 is totally capable of)...
    And all the samples are all put into \"big bags\", and named in some kind of \"JBS-SLPX-L4\" idiom that does not help identify them.
    Worse, I tried to merge some files in order to do the missing programming with the wizard, like Long Notes + other articulations, but it ended with something totally unusable, like c4 sounding as it if was a c-2.... I already encountered weird results with the wizard and complex sample banks, but all this makes me fear that I will have to use all these articulations the old way, with program changes and several midi channels...
    So let me know (Munsie and others) what you thing of these bases in use !

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Glad to see you and Sirbellog enjoying the library Munsie
    I am contemplating doing a new guitar with chords, and offering it at a reasonable add-on price for owners of the first library but for now i\'m still at the point of \"how do i do this chord thing right\". I have some ideas but i\'ll let you know when it\'s finished and demos are ready hehehe.

    Makers of Giga Clean Electric Guitars www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Thx for the input guys, hmmm... not sure about January first though hehehe, And i won\'t even comment on the if\'s and whens, but i do appreciate the input and it will be taken under consideration if i decide to do a chord library with a new guitar.

    On another note, i have been very successful doing power chords with the Les Paul 1 and i mean really nice(I can always make a demo if you want me too). I know that the Strat is not good for power chords but i think maybe the godin and les paul 2 should in theory work too.One shot chords are no problems either, of course strumming is out of the question, though i haven\'t tried any strumming midi programs.

    Kind regards,
    Vintaudio Makers Of Giga Clean Electric Guitars www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Regarding Pure E-Basses volume #1, you are correct about the lacking of decent programming. However, using multiple midi channels and custom midi setup on the keyboard you can \"zone\" various programs. It is cumbersome but works well. I\'m enjoying the series #1 basses very well.


    PLEASE put some power chord demos up on your web site, and any thing else related to rock music that might come in handy. By the way, I\'m liking your library more and more everytime I work with it!

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Thx Munsie, it kind of grows on you doesn\'t it
    After i tried the power chord thing last night, i put some light distort some delay and reverb on Lespaul 1 and drifted playing it for an hour

    Will put power chord demo on site asap.

    Makers of Giga Clean Electric Guitars www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion


    When you say \"Pure Basses\" are you talking about the Yellowtools Pure E-Basses? If so do you mean volume one or volume two?

    The demo for them sounds good and I was considering buying them.

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Hi guys, timely discussion as I\'m about to order a bass library: The pure E Basses volume 1. I read this thread quickly to see the programming could be better, so I held off. I took another listen to the demo and I like it. Took another proper read of this thread this time and I see that you, Munsie, actually rate it very highly.

    Time to order it!!

    Took a listen to the vintaudio site\'s demos. Some very nice stuff. Some of the strat unprocessed demo didn\'t impress me fully. I do own a strat and had been recording with it yesterday. However the processed strat demo sounds superb. What processors did you use Franky??

    Anyone want to chime in and compare Pure E Basses to Scarbee fingered and or slapped?? (Which also sound excellent. Perhaps a programming comparison. Or Scarbee, a programming description?)

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    Re: Guitar and Bass Discussion

    Munsie wrote: Powertools is coming out with an E-Guitar library. Expect it to be nice and priced similar (nice!) to thier other products. They use these new E-Guitar libaries in one of their E-Bass demos. I forget which one. This is now my most anticipated library at the moment.

    Munsie, do you mean YELLOWtools or POWERtools?

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