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Topic: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

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    Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    Hello everyone,

    I'm curious to know how many people are still using PPC macs as either slaves or as their primary system. This question stems out of my shock that VSL is already dropping PPC support; VSL Suite reverb will be Intel only.

    Now I understand that technology changes and old platforms become obsolete (there will be no PPC support in the next Mac OS for example), and we all eventually upgrade our main systems. But when I do go intel, I was planning on using my PPC G5 as a VSL slave in conjunction with Vienna Ensemble & Vienna Suite. This "intel only" approach may force me to rethink my VSL studio, as it seems silly to be forced to throw out a perfectly good slave PPC computer completely maxed out with RAM, addition HD's, etc and purchase new intel macs in order to run Vienna Suite on a slave.

    VSL Suite's reverb being Intel only obviously sets a bad precedent for future development/updates on the PPC platform. IMO the ability to use VSL on a PPC slave is a VERY good reason to continue its development. If you agree with me, please let your voice be heard on this thread at the VSL forums: http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/t/21398.aspx

    Thank you very much for reading my plea.

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    I'm on a first gen G5, admittedly prehistoric. My understanding is that the newest models, somewhat maxxed with ram, will not need any assistance from a G5.

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    G5 PPC dual 2 Ghz here...

    4.5 gigs of ram

    bought it in 2004..

    still work ok on Leopard 10.5.6 with Logic Pro as main Daw

    Pro tools 8 runs well on it too

    i feel some strain with CPU performances and Omnisphere...can always freeze tracks and stuff

    overall , ok performance for what i need to do with it..mostly songwriting and high quality demos plus keyboard session work...

    don't think i could run a big orchestral template though..


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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    Mac G5 Quad with 18 Gig of RAM running DP and Logic on Tiger. Still works great! I have a Mac Pro running Play as a slave machine and am planning on making the switch this summer when things calm down. But I keep asking myself why? Everything is working great on my G5. So why do it? Except for the fact that I don't want to get too far behind the tech curve.


    Rik Pfenninger

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    Quote Originally Posted by Yves View Post
    G5 PPC dual 2 Ghz here...

    4.5 gigs of ram

    bought it in 2004..
    Same here.....except mine bogs down all of the time with Logic 7. Constantly freezing and unfreezing tracks. Can't wait till I can afford to upgrade. And when that time comes i don't anticipate having any need for the G5.

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    I previously used G4 1GHz Dual, but completely switched over to a 3GHz 8-core Mac Pro recently. So I was using a PPC Mac for a very long time.

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    Dual quad-core G5 here. But I'm upgrading to MacPro this year. I'm asking a lot of my G5 these days, using Logic Pro, and I think I'd fare better with an upgrade.


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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    I have a Quad G5 and a dual-G5, and am wondering myself if selling both and getting the latest Octa Nehalem will make them dispensable. I know they're supposed to be real badasses, but I mean, aren't hard drives and memory so important that one computer won't be enough running multiple instances of say, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, EWQLSO orch libs, Kontakt, plus a couple other VIs for like bass, pop brass, etc. plus the extra audio tracks/ effects running along with it.

    That might sound like a lot, but I just did a project where I really needed such a diverse sound palette. And I would have preferred it all to come from one cpu instead of a whole bunch with lots of cables etc involved.

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    Re: Mac PPC users show of numbers...

    Also on a Quad G5. Here in the studio we have 2 more Dual PPCs & one Intel Mac. Still all running on 10.4.11 BTW.

    I spent so much the last couple of years, the idea has been to keep on working with what we got as long as it's running fine, which it is.


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