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Topic: Orchestral Library recommendation for ProTools PC Rig?

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    Orchestral Library recommendation for ProTools PC Rig?


    I've been spending the last few days doing extensive research into various different types of Orchestral Libraries currently available. The thing is, my current rig/DAW is a quadcore PC/4 gigs of RAM attached to a DIGI002 running ProTools LE 7.4. This seems to limit my options.

    For example:
    Vienna Symphonic Library. I was looking at picking this up, but then I read that it only supports RTAS in Mac OSX. So that got nixed.

    East/West packages. The newest package out there uses the PLAY software, which seemed to be a bit sketchy in Pro Tools about half a year ago. I can't find any info on how it loads on Pro Tools in XP/Vista. I know there's an East West Structure Version, but I'm not sure if I want to buy Structure over another sampler (i.e. Kontakt)

    GPO - Seems to work well, using the Kontakt 2 player. However, the quality of the sounds aren't as good as VSL or East West.

    Kontakt 3 + Kirk Hunter (or some other Kontakt 3 sample library). I still have doubts about whether Kontakt 3 runs ok on a PC using ProTools LE 7.4. But this might be the best compromise between stability and decent sounds.

    Anyway, just wanted to see if I'm missing any options here, or if anyone purchased an orchestral library for a similar ProTools setup.



    p.s. I'm half contemplating moving to OSX, but I've always been a PC guy.

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    Re: Orchestral Library recommendation for ProTools PC Rig?

    This may sound very unhelpful, but if you're intending to run many VSTi, then ProTools is the worst possible choice. You would be better off using another sequencer.

    If you really must run PT, then I would recommend using the VSTi an another machine, and then connecting them with either hardware or MOL and hardware.

    I don't know at what stage you are with your writing, but at some point you need to decide whether the sequencer or the sounds you use are more important.


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