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Topic: Having trouble loading GPO in Finale 2009

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    Having trouble loading GPO in Finale 2009


    I'm having quite a few problems with loading GPO in Finale 2009.

    Problem 1:

    When I go to the set up wizard, GPO shows up in the Instrument Set, and I can select instruments and everything, but when I actually finish everything in the set up wizard, I get this error message. It says "The requested Kontakt2 Player virtual instrument plug in could not be found." There is no sound when I insert notes then.

    Problem 2:

    The second problem is the same problem that I read on a previous thread (http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...d.php?p=613573) I read there that I need to find the .dll file for GPO so that Finale can find the sounds. I can't find that file. All the files that I find in my GPO folder are .nki, .nks, or .nkc files. No .dll files.

    Am I missing something here?

    I just upgraded from Finale 2008 where everything worked perfectly. I hate how you have to configure most everything again...

    If anyone could help me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Re: Having trouble loading GPO in Finale 2009

    Hi Bo, You need to navigate to wherever the VST folder is on your computer. The installation procedure asks where you want those files to be installed, and it usually defaults to your (c) drive.
    Without a sequencer program on your computer, my guess is that you should look on your main drive under Program Files for a folder named "VST" or possibly Steinberg. In it you will find the .dll files you will need to copy into the Finale VST folder. Make sure you copy and paste them, don't move them there.
    For the KontaktPlayer2 there should be 3 files, KontaktPlayer2.dll, KontaktPlayer2_8 out.dll, and KontaktPlayer2-16out.dll. John

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    Re: Having trouble loading GPO in Finale 2009

    Thanks, John, that worked perfectly!

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