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Topic: "Air for G string"

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    "Air on a G string"

    Your comments are welcomed, thanks!

    "Air on a G string" by J.S. Bach Updated version


    Mix: Dan Kury

    Guy Bacos
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    Re: "Air for G string"


    I think it was a great idea for you to get Dan to mix things for you. I always thought your mix were not on par with your writing skills for example. I hope you don't take this the wrong way. And I'm not saying they were bad.

    But man those strings sound dull and sterile.

    Just kidding. Those Appssionnata strings sound incredible.


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    Re: "Air for G string"

    That's true, but I practically re-program the pieces all over these days. What I thought was good a few years ago I think is sloppy work now. And since I'm doing all this work might as well go the distance with Dan's magic touch to finalize this.

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    you guys make me feel so blessed.
    I am in awe of this piece by Bach,

    Man the harmonies with just four parts!
    I wish I could go over to Bach's house and let him know
    how much I admire him.

    Guy, I can totally relate to your thoughts about what you thought was good two years ago,
    was not as good as what we do today. I feel the same way.

    That does not make us feel very good, but it is gratifying to know that we are getting better every day.

    One more thing... I am proud of you for doing this piece.
    So many people think it is a waste of time to use samples to record old classics. I disagree, I think this is part of what helps us get better.

    Thank you Geronimo, and thank you Guy!


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    Re: "Air for G string"

    I can't seem to change the MAIN title of the thread, even when writing the title over in the title box, it won't change. I wrote Air for G string instead of Air on a G string.

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    New mix, smoother. Same link.

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    As a talent-limited amateur, I can only enjoy the listen and try to hear what you have done.
    Thanks for the post.

    For DPDAN. I am wondering what version of Sam Brass will be best to use with VSL and GPOA. I am avoiding Kontact 3, hoping the ARIA engine will play Sam
    Brass and Westgate Winds.

    Enjoying the sounds and appreciating the detailed work.

    tony h
    tony h
    Master Comp. P5 deluxe intel dual core, Windows XP Pro, 4G ram, HD's=OS Audio, two samples, Cubase 3/4 , GVI Kirk Hunter Concert strings, KH Concert brass, Emerald, Miroslav strings, brass, Quantum Leap brass. DAW and Master comp by pcaudiolabs- Slave Comp for VI only, Gigabyte Intel ,8G ram, ethernet, Windows Vista Ultimatex64, VI Ensemble,VI SE Appasionata strings.

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    Hi Tony,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Bach piece that Guy put together.

    I am not sure what to suggest, I don't have any Sam Brass libraries.
    The only orchestral brass library that I have aside from Garritan products is VSL's Epic Horns, which are incredible. The new version of GPO with the Aria player will have some Sam Brass instruments, it is supposed to be released soon. I am now working on my Christmas tune for the 6th Annual Garritan Community Christmas CD that is given away each year, and I gotta say, the new Sam Brass instruments (trumpets, horns, bones and tuba) sections and solo instruments are pretty cool.
    I decided to create my Christmas song with the beta GPO to test many of the instruments and the Aria engine.

    I don't know if you already have GPO, but for the incredibly low cost, I highly suggest it. I am confident that any non-Garritan libraries that you already have that are designed for Kontakt will not play inside the Aria player. Those will still require Kontakt.
    In the future, sometime soon, some of the previous librarires by Garritan will be available in Aria. JABB, Marching Band etc.
    Garritan Orchestral Strings II is gonna be very cool, and of course all future libraries by Garritan will be housed in the Aria engine!

    Just not sure what to suggest.

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    Quote Originally Posted by guyB View Post
    New mix, smoother. Same link.
    Sounds great, Guy & Dan.

    If I am allowed to make a suggestion, I would say that I would mix the bass/cellos-pizz a little bit more to the front and warm up the mix a little bit, because to my ears it sounds here and there a little bit harsh.

    But, it is also a matter of taste, and you both know that I like the more warmer mixes.


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: "Air for G string"

    I will post a 3rd version (labeled as version 3) later today, I think and hope it will make it more realistic. Stay tuned.

    Thanks Gunther.

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