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Topic: Honey Pie

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    Talking Honey Pie

    For some unknown reason, I became seized with the idea of doing a rendition of "Honey Pie" from The Beatles' White Album - a Lennon/McCartney tune actually written totally by Paul.

    Keeping the same tempo and instrumentation, I kept the re-interpretation to a minimum--and had a blissful time working on this last week.

    JABB stars in the line-up:

    Electric Guitar
    5 Saxes, with the Tenor Sax playing and riffing on most of the original vocal line.

    GPO contributes two Clarinets, the Bb and the Eb leads.

    Cakewalk provided Session Drummer and the Electric Bass in their "Studio Instruments" collection.

    (click title for MP3)

    Randy B.

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    Re: Honey Pie

    Wow Randy, that really brings back some memories from a long, long, long
    time ago. Way back in 1968, I believe. Trivia question: What was the White Albums intended name?

    I really enjoyed your take on this, it was a lot of fun listening to it unfold and see where you were going to go with it. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!
    ".....I'm in love, but I'm lazy"

    Nice one Randy!

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    Re: Honey Pie

    As you young people say, "Cool!".

    "Twenty-three skidoo", as we old people say. That's delightfully un-rock-and-roll, Mr Randy. Thanks for posting.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Honey Pie

    hehe, Hi, John - Glad you had a good nostalgia flash. I always liked this song, along with all of Paul's forays into non-rock territories.

    "A Doll's House"--original title for "The Beatles," the double album which we all know as The White Album. Ill-advised title, like the original "Yesterday and Today" album cover (the notorious "Butcher" cover)--Glad they didn't use that title.

    --IIIII still have my original White Album from 1968, with the embossed title, The Beatles, the faux-serial number, AND, get this---all the glossy head shots PLUS the poster, all still in pristine shape inside. I was always living in various group houses where Someone would be sure to have already pinned up their copies somewhere in the house, so I never had to put my copies to the thumb tack torture. Proud possession now.

    And thank you, Larry! Yeah, "23 skidoo" indeed - Well, approximately anyway. It was Paul's '60's rocker take on pop-Jazz from the '20's, still played with an Electric Bass, amplified Guitar, and that kind of eclecticism appeals to me so I kept it rather as Paul originally did it.

    We need to credit The Beatles' brilliant producer, George Martin, for doing the Woodwind arrangement on this. It's fairly buried in the mix. I arranged a 3 part harmony based on what I could hear, I'm sure it's only an approximation.

    Fun stuff--Thank you guys for tuning in.


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    Re: Honey Pie

    Hey Randy!

    Being an inveterate Beatles fan, that was loads of fun. The Beatles were always much more eclectic than your average pop group, and this has them at probably their most eclectic (and definitely Paul at his schmaltziest). I always expect kazoos to start up at some point.

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    Re: Honey Pie


    This is so delightful! A wonderful job with this. You certainly did this tune justice with your interpretation. So tastefully done. Those scratches at the beginning are the bees knees.

    You never cease to amaze. Bravo!

    And Happy Anniversary of the Premiere of Dorian!

    My best,


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    Re: Honey Pie

    Wow Randy that sounds awesome!
    Like Garry i especially love the "scratching" in the beginning.
    You guys continue to amaze me with your music

    On another note, do you find that the more you learn about composing/arranging/orchestrating the harder it becomes to actually do it...or is that just me?
    "The only stupid question, is the one that is not asked" ~ Anonymous

    "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    "Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating peoples." ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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    Re: Honey Pie

    Oh you are such a sentimentalist! Beautifully done with nice sax work. I love the bends (you do use that mod wheel well!) Ah the sounds of summer and sitting at the park come to mind. Mind if I play along on my trumpet with an old cup mute. Thanks for taking me back to the good old summer. This piece is wonderful. Is this your arrangement, or did you use a stock jazz arrangement?

    Either way, it is 'smooth'. I love the scratchy record implications, I have to know how you did that.

    Best regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Honey Pie

    :O that blew me away!

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    Re: Honey Pie


    And a blissful listen it was!

    Great idea of taking an old and scratchy recording and as if by magic bringing it to life...!

    I like those bends and little funny details that bring up a smile...

    And last but not least was the finishing sound... what was that??? LOL



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