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Topic: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

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    Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Hello All,

    I am posting this so you can hear what I have been working on this past weeks. Saturday, the college I've been taking classes at is sponsoring an exhibit of Pablo Neruda paintings. He is a graphic artist from Puerto Rico who has passed recently at the age of 102, I believe. Our composition class was asked to write music to accompany the poems he wrote to accompany the paintings. I choose two of those poems and this is the first:

    Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    The painting depicts cliffs and sea waves with fields of yellow flowers. He speaks of his coming death and his outlook on passing. Here is the partial text that I used (by the way, it sounds so much better in Spanish):

    Roll-ing its blues a-gainst a-no-ther blue,
    the sea, and a-gainst the sky
    some yel-low flo-wers.
    Oct-o-ber is on its way.
    And al-though the sea may well be im-por-tant,
    with its un-fold-ing myths,
    its pur-pose and its ri-sings,
    when the gold of a yel-low plant
    ex-plodes in the sand
    your eyes are bound to the soil.
    They flee the wide sea and its heav-ings.
    We are dust and to dust re-turn.
    And in the end we're nei-ther air, nor fire, nor wa-ter,
    just dirt, no more no less,
    just dirt, and may-be some yel-low flo-wers.

    The piece will be performed with a vocalist this Saturday. At the exhibition Saturday there will be several dignitaries including our State Representative and the Secretary of State from Puerto Rico.

    The recording you will hear is all Garritan samples. I used Finale '09 to render the piece and an oboe performs the vocal line (Finale's vocal samples still need help).

    Here is:

    Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Best Regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    I am going to reply to myself, this is every bit as good (or bad) as I request Silence!

    Give it a try.

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Hey Bill,

    I actually listened to this piece first. For some reason it didn't grab my attention like Silence did.

    I will say I've listened to this 3 times now and it grows on me each time.

    Now that I re-read the description of the poem your musical interpretation makes sense. The poem and painting have images of bright colors and summer and life, yet is somewhat despairing when juxtaposed on reflections of his own death. I think this is why I didn't like the piece initially. Musically though you've done a wonderful job as always.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Hi, Bill - When I responded to "Silence" the other day, I had noticed that there were two new pieces up from you, and I wasn't sure what to do - I randomly chose one to listen and respond to.

    Intrigued by the project you outline in these posts, I just Had to come back to hear "Flowers."

    I'm certainly struck by how different these pieces are from what we've heard before from you. Would you partially attribute that to the influence of the composition class, to the thrust of kind of work being done there?

    The way Pablo Neruda's existential poem comes to the gestalt at the end, returning to the flowers, his microcosmic statement on the continuous circle of life - I found those elements mirrored in your piece, the way it starts, stretches out, ends without really ending. Very appropriate free-form and open-ended structure to accompany the poem.

    Thanks again for these unique new pieces, and I trust you'll have a memorable event on Saturday.


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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers


    I think I like the other piece better, but this rendering sounds like I am actually there. Very nice work using Finale.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Just a bump.

    This was performed live Saturday at a seminar for Hispanics and it was well recieved along with the "I Request Silence". There was no recording of the performance, but the Puerto Rican Secetary of State was impressed.

    Thanks to all for listneing.

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: Ode to Some Yellow Flowers

    Thanks for letting us know how the event went, Bill - Wonderful! Regret that there wasn't a recording made, but it's the sort of day I know you'll never forget, regardless of not having an aural or video record of it.

    Consider this a reply to both of your threads. Congratulations, Bill.

    Randy B.

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