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Topic: Simple (I think) DAW question

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    Simple (I think) DAW question

    I'm upgrading my DAW mobo/cpu and will do an XP reinstall on a partition devoted to just Windows. Programs are on a separate partition. (Datas on a separate drive(s).)

    My question: Even though I have programs on a separate partition, might I still have a reinstall them (because of the XP reinstall)? Or will they be unaffected?

    DAW: Dual Core 5200 4GB 160 IDE 320 SATA Sonar 4/GIGA: P4 3.0 1.5GB GS3 80 SATA 160 SATA GS Orchestra

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    Re: Simple (I think) DAW question

    Hi, most of your softwares will have to be re-installed due to the fact that Registry-entries will get wiped during the re-install. Softwares that do not rely on the Registry to run, will continue to work as they did before the change of the OS-drive.

    Oh, I just came to think of another way... Do a Repair of XP (read up on it on Google) When it is time to reboot, cut power (i.e. don´t let the computer boot again) - yank the motherboard and cpu, replace with new parts and let the computer boot again. It will now complete the installation but - with a new mobo and cpu. If you Google on "XP Repair + replace motherboard" You will find information as with www.theeldergeek.com. But read up first!

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    Re: Simple (I think) DAW question

    You will have to reinstall all programs. When you install Windows XP as a fresh install, it will write a new registry.

    The other option is to do a repair install over the current version which you have the programs currently installed. This will detect the new hardware but won't overwrite the registry so programs will not have to be reinstalled. All service packs and security updates will need to be installed from Windows Updates as they will be rolled back to the version of Windows you install.


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