Giga Tweak and Quota Errors

This is just a "heads up" in case you get "Not enough quota..." errors, in Windows, when using Giga Tweak or the GS Memory Configurator.


I built an extra GS3 machine a while back and ran into a problem.
When attempting to move large quantities of data, 50GB to 150GB, I'd inevitably
get the error message "not enough quota is available to process this command."

A few days ago I decide to take a fresh crack at it with a clean install of XP,
testing every step of the way.
After some deep thought based on the every step of the way idea,
and some google ... looking for a possible correlation between Giga Studio
and "not enough quota" ... I found a tip by Mattias from Musikbanken.

I've traced the "not enough quota..." error message to an implication,
based on Mattias' tip, that using the memory tweaker inside of GS3, "might" cause problems.
Mattias' tip was: ( from : )
"Solution to a possible WinXP SP2 setup problem

If you get an error message about "not enough quota" while setting up SP2 for Windows XP on a machine that have the registry tweaks applied you need to reset the registry values to 0 (automatic) and restart the machine before you run the SP2 setup again. This problem is probably depending on the values entered so different computers may or may not be affected by this problem. After installing SP2 you need to apply the registry tweak again."

Also here for a bit more info:

My testing:
Clean Install no gigastudio. Easily moved 140+GB from 1 drive to an other.
Install GS3 and do the tweak...
(*)( Remember, at this point I'm not even thinking the memory tweak has anything to
do with my quota error )
...test ability to move large amount of data ... "Not enough Quota.." error.
Reload my image with no GS3 on it and easily move 140+GB of data.
Restore my Image with GS3 ... "Not enough Quota.." error.

Google google google google .... bingo! Found the Mattias page.
Reset GS memory tweak in the System Memory Configuration panel
to "Use the system original configuration" and once again I'm able to move
( or copy ) large amounts of data, from one drive to an other ... BUT ...
not able to load as much in GS3.

Opted to use the old Mattias Tweak Util ( GsMemoryLoadOptimizer.exe )
so I can look at the numbers.

GS3 was initially set to use setting 4, which was a mistake for 2 reasons.
1) It was not giving me the largest load for GS3.
2) It was causing the "Not enough Quota.." error.

I retested and found setting #2 to be the best and also I
retested the large copy problem and now no longer get the "Not enough Quota.." error when copying
large amounts of data.