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Topic: CC11 on everything?

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    CC11 on everything?

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering, should i add expression/CC11 on every articulations? Or just on long notes such as sustain? And what about velocity crossfade instruments? I probably wont add CC11 on short notes like stac. Unless I'm convinced otherwise.


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    Re: CC11 on everything?

    Most GPO instruments that have short articulations use velocity for determining the volume and have no need for expression. GPO's dynamics are controlled with modwheel data instead of expression (cc11) but it doesn't hurt it if there is modwheel data over the short bows. Recap... if you are using a keyswitch to switch to short bows, the velocity will be the only thing that determines the volume.... beside CC7 volume of course

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    Re: CC11 on everything?

    Thanks for the fast reply, Dan.

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    Re: CC11 on everything?

    my pleasure

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