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Topic: Midioverlan 3 HELP!

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    Midioverlan 3 HELP!

    I just got midioverlan 3.3.2 for my gigastudio 3.21 machine and for my macpro 2.66 intel.

    I can't get gigastudio to respond to midi. I used to use midioverlan 2 and had no problems. Gigastudio sees the ports from my mac (I'm using DP6.02) and the midioverlan monitor lights up red, so the giga machine is recognizing the activity but the actual gigastudio program won't respond.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. I tried various configurations in the midioverlan config application.

    Does anyone use this new midioverlan version with one of the newer macs and DP? I'm on Mac 10.5.6...

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    Re: Midioverlan 3 HELP!

    Did you solve your MidiOverLan problem? Call me in my studio if you need help - 937-294-0900, happy to give you some pointers - i use DP 6.02 and several gigastudio machines all using Midi Over Lan, and it works great ;-)
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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