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Topic: how many instruments i can load on gpo?

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    how many instruments i can load on gpo?

    till now i can only load 8 instruments on gpo. is this the maximum or i can have 16? how can i do that?
    thank you

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    Re: how many instruments i can load on gpo?

    The newer version using Kontakt 2 player will allow 16 instruments in an instance. If you use as a plugin inside a sequencer or notation program, then you can load multiple instances with 16 instruments in each. Memory usually becomes the limiting factor as you add more instances and instruments.


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    Re: how many instruments i can load on gpo?

    Hi, You can go to www.nativeinstruments.com and register and download the updates you will need for GPO and for the GPO KontaktPlayer2. You will need to install the NI Service Center and update it to the latest version as well. It will assist you in activating any NI programs you have. I believe you will need to download and install three updates:

    Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player Update library update included

    Garritan Personal Orchestra Kontakt Player 2.2.3 Update

    Kontakt Player 2.2.4 Update

    They are all available at NI in both Windows and Mac formats.

    Garritan and team are working on GPO4 which will use the Aria interface instead of the KontaktPlayer. It will be available "when it is ready" but is in beta currently. So if you want to wait you could upgrade to GPO4 soon and bypass the NI Kontakt Player updating scenario entirely. The Aria player will hold 16 instruments.

    Best of luck, John

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    Re: how many instruments i can load on gpo?

    Even with your version 1 you can load more instruments by having multiple instances of the player open.

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