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Topic: A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

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    A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

    Hi guys. Wife and kids had traveled to grandparents house, so some time that usually i spent with my kids.
    Time ago i post about using a simple Recorder to controll GPO or any other sampler. I found some time and made a video of how it works. Im seeing that i will not replace Steven Spielber, but even that, i believe that some of you can found interesting the video. It`s here:


    And the original post in this forum is here:

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    Re: A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

    Hi Marce, I watched your videos and read through the other thread you linked to. It's interesting to think about converting audio to midi with a simple wind instrument and some plug-ins. It looks a little daunting to configure all the connections. Nice work presenting this! John

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    Re: A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

    Hello Marce,
    I also watched the videos and read the older thread on the topic. You have really been creative figuring out a way to do this! It sounds like you have used different plug-ins than what you used in the thread from 2007. Would you mind listing them? I could not quite understand the names.

    I think this is an interesting project because it offers people an alternative for programming MIDI. Perhaps it would be helpful for people who are unable to use traditional input methods due to disabilities.

    Well done!

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    Re: A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

    Great idea, but this function is well included in Cubase 5.

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    Re: A Recorder as a Midi Breath Controller, part II

    Edit: Hi Gunther. I know you can do that with other tools, so im not doing nothing "new". The idea is to do it without too much money, so anyone that want experiment, can, even if he/she dont have Cubase or any other expensive software. I believe that, by example, a real wind controller would much better for do the job.

    Hi! It takes me some time to figure this thing working out, but after it was done, is very easy to use, since you simply load the preset.
    Who really do the hard work here is sensomusic "Usine", a free/commercial (im using the free version that only has 2in2out, that`s enough for this experiment). Usine allow you to make "workspaces" where you can make complex routing between plugins and internal modules. So, i created a workspace that use the "Audio2midi" modules of Usine and a bunch of free plugins with them. The free plugins are Kjaerhus compressor, GSnap and GTuner (both them help tune your audio input, so is more easy for the "Audio2midi" modules recognize the note you are playing) and "Soma enveloper" a powerfull plugin that converts the amplitude of an audio source to Midi CC.
    So, after you save all this routing, you load Usine as a VST fx in an audio Track of your host, route the midi output of this track to Kontakt, and you are done.
    What i can do with this:
    Convert mono audio 2 midi notes (i believe that the accuracy, using a recorder at least, is ~90%. If i sing the recognition is worst, because im not a good singer, but also because recorder tones are more "pure" with no so high armonic content like other instruments)
    Convert amplitude of the audio signal to any midi CC. So, if you assigned it to the ModWheel, and you are using GPO, while you record the notes, you can record the intesity of that notes. You only need to care to press the pedal for legato/non legato.

    Firstly, i make the experiment just by curiosity, but it`s working so well, that i will use it for daily work.

    If you want to see how the "Usine" workspace i made looks, here are two links:
    (i put the images as external links since they are a little big, and mess the forum)


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