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Topic: GS4 Serious intall issues on Vista32 SP1

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    GS4 Serious intall issues on Vista32 SP1

    Hi all. I have anew boxed GS4, with dongle and all. Tried installing on a 6-month-new HP AMD Turion (dual-core) laptop, 3GB ram, fully patched up version of Vista 32 SP1.

    The initial installation completes without problem. I then run the configuration program. Because I have no GSIF driver, it is in re-wire mode, which is fine. The computer also has Ableton 7 on it, as a re-wire host.

    I don’t change anything in the configuration program, and when it ends, I re-boot.

    This is where problems start.

    On trying to start, Windows is seriously messed up. All kinds of system software, such as the component that runs the Windows user interface (i.e. a part of Windows itself) fail to start – they report errors like “this program has not been written for Windows or is damaged”. It can be the windows login program, UI, or almost ANY software that attempts to run at boot or login.

    For example, the system starts, but gives this error, and there is NO user interface -- not window, no background, nothing at all, because the Windows UI simply would not start. Of course, this looks like a driver problem.

    A system restore corrects the problem (and of course removes giga). A reinstall gives different but similar results – this time, I get a UI, but my antivirus progam (Vipre by Sunbelt Software) says IT is no longer a Windows program or is damaged. As does the Task Manager and many other random bits of Windows or other programs.

    There isn't really a lot else running on this computer. It has MIDI drivers from M-Audio to run an Axiom-49 controller, and Echo drivers for an audio interface. As far as what is running, other than windows, drivers and UI, pretty much nothing at actual start time.

    Anybody familiar this "this program has not been written for windows" problem? Is this the dongle software gone crazy?


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    Re: GS4 Serious intall issues on Vista32 SP1

    Just on a long shot hunch ... look in device manager and see if you hard drive is a Seagate.

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