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Topic: Newbie trying to connect with USB keyboard

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    Newbie trying to connect with USB keyboard

    I have my brand new Garritan libraries loaded, I load in the piano and the demo/audition keyboard produces sound. I have my keyboard hooked up via US, the driver is installed, Windows XP says that the interface is working properly. I go into Kontact and select the keyboard as a MIDI input and make sure that it is ON. The keyboard transmits on MIDI channel one. But the keyboard does not trigger any sound. Now what? I have not used the keyboard with anything else, so maybe the first thing to do would be to prove that it is transmitting USB/MIDI. But I don't know how.

    I'm running in demo mode, (Native Instruments won't run, it falselyu claims that Flash is not available) if that makes any difference.

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    Re: Newbie trying to connect with USB keyboard

    Make sure Kontakt knows about your Midi controller via the File, Options, Midi, Inputs menu. Is your Keyboard on Channel One of your Midi interface device box? if not make it so, Then, in the inputs menu, assign Part A to that port.

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    Re: Newbie trying to connect with USB keyboard

    This might not be the place for this post but I need some help connecting my akai usb wind controller to a macbook pro. After loading the Garritan software and opening the aria player. I cannot see the File or Tools menu to setup the ewi. Please help.

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