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Topic: Reinstalling Spectrasonics

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    Reinstalling Spectrasonics

    Hi all,
    My main drive crashed, hopefully everything was backed up, I need only to reinstall the software. I have all the library sounds on a separate drive, so basically what I have to install is the main software to run Omnisphere and Stylus, and show a link so they can "see" the libraries. Does anyone know the best procedure?

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    Re: Reinstalling Spectrasonics


    You haven't said which o/s you are using. Still it's similar for OSX or Windows.

    Install the latest s/w updaters for both products - So Stylus 1.8 and Omnisphere 1.0.4g

    This will install the VST/AU plugins. Then all you need to do is setup the links to the sample/preset data. For Stylus it should ask you to point to the SAGE folder first time you launch it and for Omnisphere create a shortcut/alias to the STEAM folder and put in the ~user\Library\Application Support\Spectrasonics folder (on OSX) or in same directory as the plugin (on Windows - I think this is where you put it can't remember and don't use windows anymore).



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    Re: Reinstalling Spectrasonics

    Thanks for your answer Tim, I am using a G5 Mac with OS Tiger. You suggest that I install the latest updaters, although I thing that I will have to go through the complete authorization process since is a new drive (the other one passed away). I guess that your answer implies that there is an installation choice to install the software only but not the library itself, correct? I'll follow your advice for pointing out the libraries.

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    Re: Reinstalling Spectrasonics

    Yes. You can choose to only install the AU components when you launch the updaters.

    Then it's simply a case of setting up the pointers to SAGE and STEAM going through the authorisation process and away you go....


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