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Topic: Slightly OT - Arius vs Roland

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    Cool Slightly OT - Arius vs Roland

    Hi. Does anyone have any views on the relative merits of the new Yamaha YDP Arius digi piano compared with the Roland RP 101. I've sold my MIDI controller and will now use one of these keys - I know they are not great as midi controllers but sometimes I can't be bothered firing up the pc to make a noise.

    Cheers, ColinD

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    Re: Slightly OT - Arius vs Roland

    I have an Arius YDP160 and am very pleased with it. I've not played the Roland RP101 so I can't comment on it. The action on the Arius is very much like the action on a very good Yamaha acoustic and the included sounds are decent. (It is still, after all, an electric simulation of an acoustic piano.) There is a switch to mute the internal sounds so you can use it as a MIDI controller. However, there is no mod wheel available so inputting CC values has to be handled either using one of the Ten-Crazy plug-in's or by manually drawing in the values in your DAW. The pedalling supports true half-pedalling. Plus it is a very attractive unit. I recommend it highly.
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