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Topic: Chunks in DP Crashing

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    Chunks in DP Crashing

    When I alter Chunks involving EW PLAY in DP, DP crashes. For example,duplicating a sequence in DP and deleting all my tracks with exception to my strings and brass in a new chunk for the purpose of editing.
    I guess DP can't handle this. Any comments.

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    Re: Chunks in DP Crashing

    Check out the DP user forum MOTUNATION:


    You'll probably get more responses at least, but my experience of East/West Play and MOTU is that they both blame each other for these kind of crashes!

    MacPro 2x3 Ghz Quad Intel OSX 10.4.11 DP 5.13
    9 Gig RAM
    VI's & Libs: Ethno4 / Tsaiko/ RA / Symphonic Choirs/ MX 4 / V-Station / Kontact / Arturia MiniMoog V / EWQLSO Gold / GPO / Atmosphere / Trilogy / NI Komplete4 / Massive / SAM Horns / True Strike /GPO/Garritan Jazz Band / QL Brass /Stylus RMX/ Atmosphere /Trilogy/ Voices of Passion

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    Re: Chunks in DP Crashing

    When you duplicate a sequence (Chunk) you are actually duplicating the Virtual Instruments on it (even though only one chunk can be active at a time), this could be the reason of your crash.

    What you have to do is to create a V-racks and place all your VIs on it, that way they can be shared among all the sequences without dramatically increasing your CPU usage.

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