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Topic: Lyrical Distortion Four Friday Extravaganza

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    Smile Lyrical Distortion Four Friday Extravaganza

    Lyrical Distortion Four Friday Extravaganza

    All Currently Available Lyrical Distortion Products will be 50% off every Friday
    Starting this Friday and the following Fridays

    May 1, 2009
    May 8, 2009
    May 15, 2009
    May 22, 2009

    Prices are only 50% from 12:00:00AM to 11:59:59PM EST each Friday
    So if picking up a Lyrical Distortion Library has been on your wish list, be sure to mark a Friday that works best for you (not a Saturday )
    As we don't plan on having a history of sales.

    And as if 50% off wasn't cool enough....

    Every Friday will include a unique library that is either not available in the current lineup or available individually.
    Each one will be priced at an insane $10!!!
    Trust me, these aren't no cheap libraries that would have that cheap of a price!
    You will say "OMG! That was the best $10 I've ever spent!"
    Once a Friday passes, That particular library will not be available as an individual library again (snooze you lose)
    All late email inquiries will get a plain "Sorry" response.

    $10 for May 1, 2009
    '72 Jazz Bass

    $10 for May 8, 2009
    LDi Lead (derived from Lyrical Direct)

    $10 for May 15, 2009
    Intimate Guitar (finger picked dreadnought)

    $10 for May 22, 2009
    Modern 5 String Bass

    Details for each one will be made that particular Friday

    Again, these libraries are hardly anything to sneeze at for $10
    And they won't be available individually afterwards, so don't miss out on this.

    So why are we doing this?
    We've made a lot of friends on the sample boards (I, personally, have been hanging around here since 2000)
    We've been fortunate to have great support from our users through out the years
    This is our way of giving our appreciation back to the community, especially during these economic times.

    All products are Direct Download only
    All products are for Kontakt 2.2 or higher (not the Kontakt Player)
    So far there hasn't been any issues with Kontakt 3.5 Public Beta with any of our products,
    But we can't officially support it while it is in it's Beta state, but so far they seem fine.

    Finally, once this Friday Extravaganza is done, there will be a line up change in products.
    The following libraries will no longer be available individually:
    LD 100 proof
    LDi 100 proof
    Gunslinger AD
    Gunslinger ADi
    '73 Strat Select
    Wicked Select
    LDi Select

    Best regards,
    Lyrical Distortion

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion Four Friday Extravaganza

    The First Friday Extravaganza is on!

    $10 for May 1, 2009
    '72 Jazz Bass is now up, tomorrow it won't be.

    Don't miss out on this insane deal for $10
    (or forget the 50% our other fine products today too )

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