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Topic: Do you know who wrote this track? (OST, Hitchcock, 50s)

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    Arrow Do you know who wrote this track? (OST, Hitchcock, 50s)


    I was watching an episode (Ep24 "The Perfect Murder") of Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1st season and it features a track I heard somewhere else but I can't remember in what film it was. Maybe it was in a Hitchcock movie like Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann), but I can't say for sure.

    I made an audio clip of the track:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello, Innervisions...

    I listened to the .mp3 and what I heard doesn't sound like at all like Bernard Herrmann, whose music I discovered at an early age. Below is a link to a movie/television database website that lists the full cast and crew for episode 25 of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', The Perfect Murder. A man named Stanley Wilson was the music supervisor for the series. He was an incredibly busy guy as I've seen his name attached to many television shows of the late '50's to early Seventies. He was a versatile musician whose credits include M Squad, a very tough police detective series set in Chicago and starring Lee Marvin. It features some gritty, bluesy and swinging jazz scoring by Mr. Wilson in collaboration with the Count Basie Orchestra.


    Hope this helps!



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    Re: Do you know who wrote this track? (OST, Hitchcock, 50s)

    Hi I-V,

    I'm a huge Herrmann fan as well and I agree w/ Bompeia that it doesn't sound much like his writing (although he did write a few scores for the series).

    The cue you heard could very well be from a studio's stock music library. From what I understand, Herrmann, et al, contributed hundreds of cues in the 1950's to the CBS stock music library and his stuff was used (and re-used!) in everything from Wagon Train to Gunsmoke to Twilite Zone, etc.

    Because of copyright issues, I would doubt movie cues would show up in TV shows unless the film/TV show were from the same studio who owned the copyrights.

    Good luck in your research!



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    Re: Do you know who wrote this track? (OST, Hitchcock, 50s)

    This question would better be posed to the folks at the FilmScoreMonthly.com message board, as users there are good at identifying stock music, epsecially from series like that.
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