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Topic: ? For King and the other GOS users.

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    ? For King and the other GOS users.

    I have GOS now. Before I comment on anything I want to ask one question of you guys first.

    -I know I could go to Gary and ask ... he has been more then helpful but I don\'t want to bug the guy -


    Do you HAVE to have a sustain pedal to get legato mode to work or can you just slide up/down the legato pedal control in GStudio?

    Or is it the sustain pedal in GStudio control?


    I\'ll have more questions later if that\'s OK.

    I am not have the best of results here and I am having a panic attack But, I can almost guarantee that its something wrong on my end.

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    You don\'t need a pedal. You can \'draw\' the sustains in whatever sequencer you are using. I am doing that at the moment because either my pedal or my hold-pedal connector is broken:/

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    You can\'t use the Sustain slider in Giga studio, since Maestro Tools works BEFORE giga.

    Like Simon said if you\'re using a sequencer you can draw the controller data in.

    If you have a controller keyboard with some faders/sliders you can assing one of those to Controller 64 (Hold1) whic is the sustain controller, and you can jsut fade that on or off. Thats what I do

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    Thanx guys. I check it out

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.


    Don\'t hesitate to \"bug\" us when you have a problem - don\'t waste your energy on a panic attack. The guys have given you accurate advice above but it is so much more comfortably intuitive if you do use a sustain pedal for this function. On the other hand, if you are entering all notes as data (rather than playing it from a controller keyboard, wind controller, guitar controller, etc.) then you will need to enter the sustain pedal data as Simon and KingIdiot have described. If you are still having problems contact Gary.


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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    Hey Tom.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Yes, the guys here are great. They really know there stuff.

    I am using a controller.

    I am working on this legato issue now.

    Gary has emailed. I have a few other things going on that he has addressed.

    Thanks for all the support.

    Ps. I think one of the other issues falls into the velocity curve/scall category. I am hearing very piercing samples -- not soft - tearful - In adjusting the above I think I am getting better result.

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    Hi again.

    OK, so I have MTools on and I have
    1st Vln WARM Sul Altra Corda EXP LEG.

    I slide up controller 64 sustain pedal in gstudio... all i get is sustain...the forever type of.

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    Make sure that your midi track is set to the MarbleSound Midi Port and NOT NemeSys Midi out. Sometimes I forget and get an endless sustain just as you describe. Also check that you have the Maestro Tools channel active for that midi channel and NOT set to bypass.

    I actually bought a sustain pedal after getting GOS and I\'m glad I did. It\'s really easy to use :-)

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.

    Did and Did. Still getting forever type sustain. Also, I am using 1stSusV Leg...

    Here is my question.

    The instrument loader is GStudio is showing
    lit keys from the range of G3 to C7 but also
    behind and in front of the above range as
    GO to C1 and G7 to G9. I understand why a ALT or 88 instrument does this but why is a legato patch?

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    Re: ? For King and the other GOS users.


    You CAN NOT use the GigaStudio slider to get legato mode to work. It must be done with a controller or in a sequencer.

    HAve you started the Maestro tools program? Are you mapping your controller/sequencer through Maestro tools?

    Maestro Tools must be on to get the Legato feature to work. Have you installed the Maestro tools drivers?

    LEG samples have extra samples above and below the instruments keyrange. Its part of the legato feature in Maestro. It uses these extra Keys to achieve the legato effect.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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