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Topic: OT: contrabass list meltdown

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    Unhappy OT: contrabass list meltdown

    Some of you are aware that I run contrabass.com, and the associated mailing list. (If you were not aware, and are interested in unusual instruments like sarrusophones, contrabass saxophone, tubax, etc., and particularly in instruments for whom middle C is considered altissimo register, perhaps you would like to check it out ).

    On Sunday, my ISP was migrating all of the email accounts to a new server, and experienced a catastrophic failure, losing all email accounts and configuration files. With it went the subscriber lists (digest and regular) for the mailing list. The only backup I had was (ahem ) pretty old, and covered only the digest subscribers. I'm still hopeful that the ISP may be able to recover the current address lists, but in the meantime have started reconstructing (OK, so you can see how optimistic I am). The list itself is back up and running.

    If you are/were a subscriber, or would like to be a subscriber, just let me know at listmanager@contrabass.com. Also, if you know people who may be interested, please feel free to pass this along to them.

    Grant Green ||| www.contrabass.com
    Sarrusophones and other seismic devices

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    Re: OT: contrabass list meltdown

    Good luck with rebuilding your lists! The world can use as much good hearted contra talk as it can get!

    Remember not to just backup on a regular basis in the future. Backup your backup on a regular basis too!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: OT: contrabass list meltdown

    Hi Grant,

    Hope all is stable again for you!

    If you are a Garritan forum member and have not been to Grant's site, it is "... a link well taken" .

    Besides the shear fun of browsing around and seeing and hearing many instruments you may not be all that familiar with, it is a great companion resource to your GPO and JABB libraries ... you can actually see and learn about some of these behemoth instruments that you may be using in your scores.



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    Lightbulb Re: OT: contrabass list meltdown

    Thanks for the kind words, guys Things have stabilized, and the ISP informs me that there is some chance that they'll be able to recover the subscriber lists. In the meantime, inch by inch...

    For those of you who are not subscribers, one of the list members is selling his sarrusophone. It was recently refurbished and replated, and the repairman posted a video of it on YouTube. (OK, he needs a bit of practice... OK, maybe a substantial amount of practice...)
    Grant Green ||| www.contrabass.com
    Sarrusophones and other seismic devices

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