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Topic: Best Monitor

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    Best Monitor

    What's your first choice monitor? I am using the Yamaha HS-80's and they are good.

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    Re: Best Monitor

    Quested VS2108's.

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    Re: Best Monitor

    I use first my Alesis Monitors two (cool bass) and sometimes I switch to my Yamaha NS 10 Studio Monitors (great for radioproductions).
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    Re: Best Monitor


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    Re: Best Monitor

    Quote Originally Posted by Lhama View Post

    A7 the best!!!!


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    Re: Best Monitor

    ...The not so quite excellent A7...

    Adam A7

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    Re: Best Monitor

    Quote Originally Posted by Lhama View Post
    ...The not so quite excellent A7...

    Adam A7
    ha ha ha ha

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    Re: Best Monitor

    I get great translation on my Dynaudio BM5A's. Not necessarily my first choice--but they're what I could afford, and as long as they keep getting my work done, I'm keeping them.

    If I had disposable income, I suppose my first choice would be something exotic like K&H 0300's, or perhaps I'd go passive with Dynaudio BM5's and get the best amp money could buy. I won't go bigger than nearfields because of my smallish workspace.

    It truly is a personal decision. The best monitors are the ones you work with most easily in your own workspace and which deliver the best translation to other systems.

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    Re: Best Monitor

    I'm a happy A7 user... But I want the new a pair of the new Event Opals sooo badly. Would sell my soul on ebay for it

    However, at 1500 bucks a monitor, I'll just have to keep on dreamin'

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    Re: Best Monitor

    My mixes never sounded better! It tells you everything you need to know in a matter of seconds.


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