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Topic: Stylus rmx

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    Stylus rmx


    Does anyone know the longest RMX2 file (in bars) I can convert and use in Stylus RMX. I want to create my own files in recycle and I'm wondering how it will play...


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    Re: Stylus rmx

    Hi..I don't think it is a matter of bars..It comes down to the number of slices you use in the REX file..If you use over a specific number of slices with recycle and create a two bar loop it won't play...I forget the max number of slices..Recycle will allow you to slice way beyond the limit...Which renders the rex file unuseable...

    Try it out...Make a 16 bar audio file and slice it in recycle..Sometimes less is better in recycle..If it is nowhere near something like 98 slices it should work .. JON

    That said however..You can make better loops using short 1 or 2 bar files..Then the trick is getting used to how best to rigger them in RMX..You don't need to use the whole rex file,as well as moving the slices were you want after exporting the midi file from RMX..
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    Re: Stylus rmx

    Thanks for your reply.

    I actually wanted to try out real string phrases that probably won't comprise of many slices but the aim is to sync these with everything else. In thoery it should be easier than triggering beats with lots of tiny slices but I will need to try this out.

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