A few people E-mailed me and said two things about the last post.

They dont like FTPs/have problems accessing them

and the subject title threw them off.....uhm.ok

well here\'s a web address

but if you can, since I dont want to meet my traffix limit too quickly, plese first try the ftp at:


Copy the link and paste it in your Browser window, this is just on a server a friend has up.

heres what was in the original post

I decided to upload a bunch of stuff did for demos for projects or stuff that was unused. As well as a tune in there for a Concept Audio DVD I\'d been working on.....and off

Some of this stuff is going to go on a Demo CD, and some of it will pop up in the next demo reel

Some of this stuff is REALLY old so I can\'t remember all the patches/samples I used. Bear with me if you ask. My B-day is coming up .. I AM getting older

I even uploaded that oversaturated in reverb Imperial metal thing for Munsie, hopefully he reads this thread.

Some of the Stainboy stuff is lo fi because it was intended for a Flash Animation. Also there may be looooooong silences because it was also inteded to be short cues triggered inside the animation itself. I just cues it up like it would play in the animation. Also, three of them (bowl ones) were done in two days and the toxic cue was done in a few hours. I worked my *** off on that demo, and didn\'t get the gig. Oh well. I know it has problems, but Those could be fixed. BTW. It sounds like Danny elfman because he was doing the music for it, before the started looking for other guys., and it is a Tim Burton animation.....and what else would fit but Elfman?

Anyhow, remember alot of these are demos, so everything from near plagarism (the stalling cue) and crappy mixing is in there. sometimes people ask \"can you do this?\" so I do it knowing its not going to be used in the project. Just as a tst of how my version wlll sound. When I\'m contracted I focus on making my own music.

Anyhow, please let me know your thoughts I\'m proud of someof these cues and would like reassurance that I can actually do some ok music sometimes

Most of all have a ball listening

PS, I know I promised you guys a GOS clip but I haven\'t finished one that I\'m proud of. I\'ve said it before and will say it again...I\'m a horrible string arranger. I\'m hoping someone else finishes another demo before me ...ahem...Simon...ahem...

Really...I am an Idiot

Really...I am an Idiot