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Topic: OT - My Exciting Thursday

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    OT - My Exciting Thursday

    I left work a little late on Thursday and was maybe a mile from home when my cell phone rang... it was my wife, frantically calling to tell me we had a truck in our sewing room. I admit that, close as I was, I drove a trifle... dangerously to get home even quicker. It seems that a truck hauling a rather large boat had jackknifed. The boat overturned and slid into our mailbox, and the truck ran through our front fence and into our house.

    I compiled a small number of pictures to show what happened... if the thumbnails are too small, just click on the first one and the pictures will be larger and in a slideshow.

    My wife was in the living room, on the other side of the house from the sewing room, when the truck hit. Nobody was injured, not even the driver. He had insurance, so between that and my homeowner's insurance we should be fine... eventually. It'll take time to repair.

    The fire-fighters were concerned about an electrical fire from the wiring in that wall, so they shut off power to the wall... incidentally taking out power to my library and the computer therein. Well, that's why we have extension cords... we had our system powered and back up by 9 pm.

    I'm still planning on entering Challenge #21, though...

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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Oh My!!

    That is one MAJOR suck situation! Hope no one was hurt!!!

    And. . . I hope your insurance company is kind to you. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Wow that is nuts! How fast was that guy going to jackknife and then skid all the way into your house?! I'm glad your wife was not hurt.

    Not get back to working on challange #21!

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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Yikes!! That doesn't look like fun at all. What a mess! Very good to hear no one was hurt, though.
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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Definitely a wake-up call! Well, at least you can use your things. I hope you are not experiencing a heavy rainfall just now!


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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Did ya charge him for parking?
    Hey, all that matters is everyone is fine especially your wife! Look at the bright side. Now you can have that French Door you always wanted.

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    Re: OT - My Exciting Thursday

    Wow! At least everyone is OK.
    Trent P. McDonald

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