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Topic: Workshop reading of Rivertown yesterday

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    Workshop reading of Rivertown yesterday

    Yesterday we had our first walk-through of my musical Rivertown. It went very well and we are getting close to finishing the show. I still have about one third of the orchestrating left to do, but I am getting there. I hope to have my part pretty well done but the middle to end of June. I am writing two 1/2 hour or so children's musicals after that for my elementary students to perform next spring. One is called "Pets" and the other "Recess - The Musical".

    We had a dozen high school kids sing along and read the script yesterday and we were pleased with the initial flow of the show. We saw things that might need some tweaking and the second act script was incomplete. I will cut out an extra chorus of a couple of songs and change a key or two. All in all though, we felt good about the show.

    A member of the bicentennial committee was present for the first act and she was knocked out by what she heard. She loved the songs and was very positive about the show. She said they are applying for a grant to produce the musical the next summer during tourist time and hopefully make it an annual summer production.

    It was a reassuring day and we now press on to completion. Auditions will be held in about 4 weeks and then they will build sets during the summer and work on their singing. I am tired! ! !

    I also just updated my Rivertown web site with photos from the reading. http://www.rivertownthemusical.com/

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    Re: Workshop reading of Rivertown yesterday

    Looks like things are going well and everyone is having fun.
    Trent P. McDonald

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