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Topic: Levels change on bounce in Sonar 7

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    Levels change on bounce in Sonar 7

    Using Sonar 7 producer. Working on a project for a client, all MIDI, using a rack of 4 soft synths, including Garritan Personal Orchestra (old version using Kontact Player).

    When I bounce the mix, the levels of the GPO tracks are lowered in the mix. This is the first time that I have used GPO in years, but it worked fine in previous versions of Sonar.

    Of course the work-around would be to bounce this soft synth separately from the others and then mix the audio, but I would rather not have to do that. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Levels change on bounce in Sonar 7


    Welcome to Northern Sounds. There's several possibilities that might cause your trouble. My hunch lies in the modwheel.

    Are you adjusting the modwheel data in the Kontakt Player interface? When you bounce, Sonar will only read the latest information that is stored in the MIDI track (recorded or drawn in). Perhaps there are lower (or no) CC1 or CC7 values in the tracks that you adjusted in the interface? Sonar has an option tucked under a MIDI tab under Options->Project that zeros controllers on playback. This will affect any adjustments you've made on the interface.

    If it isn't that can you give us a description of your gain structure and signal flow? Maybe there's an effect inserted somewhere on the chain that is behaving badly.


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