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Topic: How do I obtain Garritan Studio update?

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    How do I obtain Garritan Studio update?

    Simple really, see title. The link on the Garritan website doesn't work.


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    Re: How do I obtain Garritan Studio update?

    Hi Rueben,

    Welcome to Northern Sounds. I am not sure why the link is not working, however if you have the latest version of GPO (which uses Kontakt Player 2), you will not need Garritan Studio. You can simply connect whatever notation program or other midi-dependent application you're using to a standalone version of KP2. On Mac, you can use the IAC bus midi ports. On PC, I like MIDI-Yoke.

    If you are still using the KP1 version that required Studio, it is recommended you update to KP2 to take advantage of updates to the programming and performance of the library (and it's free!). Visit the Garritan Wiki at http://garritan.info/index.php/Perso...hestra_Updates for instructions on how to do this.


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