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Topic: VSL Convolution Reverb

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    VSL Convolution Reverb

    I'm experimenting with VSL's new reverb plug-in for the Vienna Suite.

    Here's a brief solo strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) sequence featuring two of Vienna's Convolution reverbs. The first is a small soundstage setting and the second is a studio setting. The sequence has some legato and pizzicato passages.

    Reverb 1

    Reverb 2

    I used two presets and didn't tweak them.

    How do they sound? I'd appreciate your comments.


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    Re: VSL Convolution Reverb

    I personally like the 2nd one MUCH better. It added a warmth that was missing in the first example, without it being "too much." The first one screamed samples to me due mainly to the lack of this warmth, which I imagine is caused by the early reflections. It sounded like dry samples with an added reverb. The 2nd one sounded more like it came from a room for some reason, and thus sounded more real to me.

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    Re: VSL Convolution Reverb

    Funny. I had the exact opposite reaction. =)
    I thought the first example sounded like I was right in the room with the players. The instrument attacks conveyed a lot of the emotional tension in the piece for me.
    The second example sounded like I was in a room next to the room with the orchestra in it. There was a lack of definition in the attacks. It was a bit syrupy and made me less interested.
    opinions are odd.

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    Re: VSL Convolution Reverb

    1 more vote for the second one, for the same reasons as JT3_Jon mentioned!

    Edit: Btw, what presets are those? I`m interrested in hearing more examples from the included

    "impulse responses of 5 halls of the Vienna Konzerthaus, 3 ORF sound stages, and selected acoustic spaces by Inspired Acoustics and Numerical Sound."
    If you or anyone else would like to provide examples of (all of?) them, I´d really appreciate it.


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    Re: VSL Convolution Reverb

    The first convolution is called "Screaming Samples Verb Hall"

    No. I'm kidding. It is a small sound stage.

    Two of these are from the ORF soundstage directory and the other two are from the Numerical Sound directory.

    Sequence 1 is factory preset (directory 03 Numerical Sound) 01 Smalll Soundstage

    Sequence 2 is another preset under the directory VSL Orf Soundstage 011 Studio Sendesaal Far Warm

    I added two more:

    Reverb 3

    Reverb 4

    Sequence 3 is a variant of the small soundstage from the same directory as Sequence 1. It is characterized as 'clear'. I increased the wet signal on this.

    Sequence 4 is from the same directory as Sequence2: 09 Studio Sendesaal Near Warm. It's a preset.

    I think I prefer the small soundstage in sequence 3 with the wet signal increased, but the sound of sequence 4 is attractive too.


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    Re: VSL Convolution Reverb

    Thanks for posting all of these! I have concluded that my ears are broken...
    I still like the first one the most. *shrug*
    I feel like I'm drowning in the other three... Although, I agree the first one is a little harsh... but maybe that's an EQ fix?
    Question... what happens if you turn up the predelay in the 2nd example? That might preserve some of the attack some while adding the warmth?
    idk... it's probably mostly that I'm crazy.
    I use Altiverb now... and I've been tempted, but I really don't know if this reverb will change my life enough to invest the dinero.
    Then again, I've never used a VSL product that isn't an amazing tool when used well!

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