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Topic: mixing a midi orchestra tips/tricks?

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    mixing a midi orchestra tips/tricks?

    I'm just looking for advice on mixing a full midi orchestra. I thought it would be nice to talk about so dos and don'ts. Panning for one... I've tried panning to a standard orchestra but it feels way to left heavy. Also all of my instruments are stereo and I've been having bad luck hard panning or panning both channels to a specific spot. I'm almost inclined to skip the orchestral layout idea of panning, maybe just borrow it and adapt for my piece.

    Compression/eq? I almost don't feel the need for it. I like dynamics and I've been spending a lot of time putting in volume automation to keep every section smooth and balanced.

    verb? 1 verb to send every instrument to? I'm using vienna SE mostly so I'm really saturating everything.

    Once challenge that I've had is that when each section changes from loud to soft for example the balance will really change. for example woodwinds will be in the background in quiet sections and then in a loud section you hear an oboe that nearly louder than all the strings!! but then if I bring the velocity down it doesn't hit the way I want it to... so been automating a lot. Any other tips to deal with this sort of thing?

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    Re: mixing a midi orchestra tips/tricks?

    A tip for dynamics:

    I often dublicate a full violin track with a solo violin and draw the
    volume of that solo instrument to vary the color of the track.
    Maybe thats not natural, but it makes the whole track less static
    especially on longer sustain notes and its sometimes better than
    changing the volume.

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    Re: mixing a midi orchestra tips/tricks?

    I often do the same as Chris, but also randomize the note starts in a very little range. In a real orchestra the players never start all at exactly the same time.

    Also a great trick is to detune an added soloinstrument sometimes here and there a little bit, but not constantly and only a little bit. Thats sounds also more natural. When 10 violinplayers play for example a "C", you can hear that all C`s are very little different in tune.

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    Re: mixing a midi orchestra tips/tricks?

    As for panning the orchestra I recommend buying this book:

    Excellent, simply excellent info in that one!

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