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Topic: How do I set up a Bongo track

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    How do I set up a Bongo track

    ... in Overture?

    The bongo instrument has more keys than just one. The only sound I get it just one note. Don't know how to set the track in Overture.

    Raymond - yes I am going bezerk

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    Re: How do I set up a Bongo track

    Raymond, your question about Bongos made me curious to take a look, even though I don't use Overture so am of limited help on your question.

    I haven't used the Bongos in a long time - I'm looking at them now. Are you talking about the Bongos which load as an instrument by themsleves in JABB, as in: Drums and Percussion>Percussion>01 Drums>Bongos?

    I have that open, and there are 6 active keys, A2 through D3. The two drum heads - low on A, high on C. The other keys are muted variations.

    OK--now I've refreshed my memory of how these work. Are you saying that even though you see the several active keys, that you're getting just the same sample playing on all of them?


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    Re: How do I set up a Bongo track

    Don't develop headaches Randy, I solved it, maybe when your were writing the answer. Now I can play like.... who? You may wonder why I need the bongo's? I can't reveal it yet, though.... they play a part in my very first violin concerto. Among other very strange instruments for a violinconcerto.

    Let's say, this is an experiment.......

    Raymond- now putting the first notes on paper........

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    Re: How do I set up a Bongo track

    Good you fixed it - Wonder what you did though, info could help a future reader of this thread.

    "...now putting the first notes on paper..."

    Ah go for the gusto and use a MIDI keyboard - A lot more fun to actually Play music!--Much easier to play the Bongos that way. - BUt - Just kidding around. I know you're a dedicated notation user. Have a good time with your new piece!


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