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Topic: Do You Filter MIDI Data?

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    Do You Filter MIDI Data?

    I think that I have some habits that probably don't need to be a part of my workflow. One of these has to do with the amount of MIDI data being transmitted at any given time. With old hardware (Roland U-20, etc.) you could easily overwhelm a synth with MIDI data. So, I began the process of routinely filtering data as I moved through a project. I've continued with this practice, more out of habit than anything else. There have been multiple times in the past where I've thought to myself `I probably don't need to be doing this anymore' and then I continue doing it.

    So, I'm going to start not filtering MIDI data just to see what happens. I thought I would ask if any of you filter MIDI data, I'd be interested to know!

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    Re: Do You Filter MIDI Data?

    Hi Kevin. I also filter and monitor midi data before it goes to the sequencer. Im using "midi-ox" a little windows utility for that. Most times i dont need it, but i like to see what`s going on, and with this utility i can do some tweaks like change the velocity curve of the keyboard, and that.

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    Re: Do You Filter MIDI Data?

    The only data I filter out is channel aftertouch unless a sound actually uses it. Back years ago with external hardware modules I used to thin controller data but I don't find it necessary with the more powerful computers. I regularly do sequences with between 50-100 tracks without problems.


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