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Topic: Check out my chart!

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    Check out my chart!

    Hello All!

    Thanks for the great information. Here is a chart I arranged for my college jazz ensemble. Please let me have any comments, good or bad! (about the arrangement, not the performance)
    Thanks all!


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    Re: Check out my chart!

    Nice chart! Lots of differing ideas, neatly sewn together. A first-rate effort!

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    Re: Check out my chart!

    Pretty Good
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    Re: Check out my chart!

    Hi Wes,

    Nice arrangement of a great tune (one of my favorites, both the song and the show it's from) that you can do just about any way and it will work ... nice melody, harmony, and phrasing.

    I think this is a great interpretation of this song ... it's original and the voicings are extended and developed beyond the basic harmony of the song, yet you still know where you are while listening.

    If I have a recommendation, it would be to develop the shout chorus a bit more. After the Tp solo, there's that nice layering/stretto section that leads into the concerted phrasing. It's at this point I think you could extend/develop it. There's a nice natural flow in the intensity of the chart and I felt I wanted a little larger/longer climax.

    I really liked that high reed writing taking you from the end of the shout down to the piano solo/end.

    I really enjoyed it!



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    Re: Check out my chart!

    Thanks for the comments!

    Frank D: I had actually been considering that. I am in agreement that the ending comes a bit abruptly and it needs a slightly more drawn-out climax. Thanks for listening and for the good tip.

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