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Topic: Digging into the GPO Kontakt Scripts

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    Digging into the GPO Kontakt Scripts


    I'm impressed with the behind-the-scenes programming of the GPO instruments in the Kontakt Player, and I wanted to figure it out so that I could apply it to non-GPO instruments (things like the Var1, Var2 settings, etc.). I have the complete version of Kontakt 3, and I thought that by opening a GPO instrument in K3, I would be able to see all the neat little tricks. One thing I noticed right away is that a GPO instrument doesn't necessarily behave the same way in K3 as it does in the Player.

    I've tried manually copying settings, and even copying the scripts themselves, but it never comes out right. (Some things do work fine, like using CC#1 to control both brightness and volume.) Am I going about this the right way? I'm not trying to "swipe" anything from GPO; it's just that the programming is fairly ingenious, and I'd really like to adapt some of the tricks to other instruments (like the VSL instruments that come with Kontakt 3). As far as I know, the full version of K3 can do anything the Kontakt Player can, and much more, but I must be missing something...

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Intel iMac Core 2 Duo - 2.16 GHz - 3 GB mem - DP5.13 - Reason 3.0 - GPO4 - Kontakt 3

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    Re: Digging into the GPO Kontakt Scripts

    Hi Bob,

    The scripting in GPO is actually only part of the design. In fact any scripting present in GPO running in KP2 is added content. Most of the work with GPO's programming lies in the sample design and filter/modulator sections of Kontakt. It's in these sections that you'll see the modwheel data linked to control filters and volume.

    Var1 and Var2 are certainly applicable to non-GPO instruments, as is a version of its legato. Do a search and check out the SIPS scripts (not affiliated with Garritan).

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: Digging into the GPO Kontakt Scripts

    Thanks for the quick reply, Reegs!

    I've used SIPS before; I find I run into trouble if I have too many instruments using it (I don't have the strongest computer). I knew the GPO "var1" etc. were light on CPU usage, which is why I wanted to get under the hood to see them.

    But I think I'm on to something: I looked at a GPO instrument in both Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3, and I found that K3 uses a different randomization parameter, and the instrument doesn't recognize it. Must have something to do with how K2 scripts are translated in K3. K2 uses a random bipolar (or unipolar--I'm not sure) for the randomization effect. K3 defaults to a random LFO which doesn't do the same thing. I'm still figuring out the details, but I'm hopeful that I'll get it unraveled.

    At any rate, thanks again!
    Intel iMac Core 2 Duo - 2.16 GHz - 3 GB mem - DP5.13 - Reason 3.0 - GPO4 - Kontakt 3

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    Re: Digging into the GPO Kontakt Scripts

    Actually, instrument programming isn't (shouldn't be!) changed in any way when you load it in a new version of Kontakt. LFO Random remains LFO Random and Bipolar Random remains Bipolar Random. And there is no default modulator either in K2 or K3. They will use whatever modulators they are being told to use and only those. Btw, LFO and Unipolar/Bipolar Random are quite different: Unipolar/Bipolar sends only one value per note (at note on), whereas LFO sends a stream of values at intervals determined by the frequency. They serve different purposes.

    But, I want to thank you for bringing Unipolar Random & Bipolar Random to my attention. They have been added since I started using Kontakt and I hadn't noticed them.

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