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Topic: Need help installing GS4

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    Need help installing GS4

    I have 2 computers. Computer A has had GS3 installed on it for years, but recently Windows has gotten buggy so I decided to reinstall it. I backed up the entire drive using Norton Ghost, backed up my GS3 license and reinstalled Windows. On reinstalling GS3, I discovered that my backup license was no good, apparently because for some reason none of my info (CD key etc.) had been saved in the backup.

    So I decided to install GS3 on my other computer, which went fine (even got a registration from Tascam in one day!) but GS3 has issues on this computer (crackling, freezes up when lots of instruments are loaded) and in the meantime I got the GS4 upgrade and wanted to put it back on Computer A.

    Of course GS4 says you have to have a registered GS3 to install the upgrade version, and Computer A does not have that at the moment. I tried reinstalling and registering but haven't heard from Tascam in several weeks. So I thought I could either put the ghosted version of Computer A's C: drive back on, with the original GS3, and upgrade from there and register the dongle, or put GS4 on Computer B and register it there.

    But I don't know how the dongle works, so here's my question. Once I have the dongle, can I install GS4 on any computer (such as installing it on my C: drive that has the fresh Windows install) and have it work with the dongle? Or is the dongle unique to each computer? Or will GS4 refuse to install as an upgrade without GS3 already there?

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    Re: Need help installing GS4

    Hey Roy, It's a totally separate program. You need the GS3 info to register an upgrade, but it's a clean install, so you shouldn't have a problem with it. jc

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    Re: Need help installing GS4

    View of /tags/jasper-1.701.0-gs4/INSTALL ... Detailed instructions on how to build and install the JasPer software can be found in the JasPer Software Reference Manual which is located in the doc ... ViewVC Help. Powered by ViewVC 1.0.5.

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    Re: Need help installing GS4


    A member of another forum is asking about installing GSO4 on a Mac running XP64 (via BootCamp for OS X). Given your experience, can you advise? Here is his post:

    "Ok, but with GSO 3 operating within XP-32, and you then upgrade that install to GSO 4, how do you then get GSO 4 on the XP-64 disk? Or can I just put GSO 3 directly on XP-64 (even thought it will not operate on that OS) then upgrade that to GSO ? Explain please. And must I call Tascam with any info about GSO 3 installation to get GSO 4 operating?"
    Does he need to actually install GSO3 or could he for example just insert the GSO3 install DVD?


    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Need help installing GS4

    Hey Joe, Sorry I've not been checking in regularly. I'm not a Mac expert, but as I said in the other post GS4 is a totally separate program not a patch or an upgrade (at least it is on the PC and I know the programs were developed in parallel). The "upgrade" was an acknowledgment from Tascams website that you were a registered owner of GS3 and were given an code to activate your syncrosoft key. Take care, jc

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    Re: Need help installing GS4

    Thanks, jc. I'll pass your response along to the person who asked.


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    Re: Need help installing GS4

    A word of warning: If you are using XP 32 bit do not install SP3 before GS4 or it will not work.
    I have 3 machines to testify to that fact.

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