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Topic: Britney's Womanizer Metal version

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    Cool Britney's Womanizer Metal version

    Hey all....a friend of mine thought i was only able to make "irritating Jazz" and 'boring classical".....So i proved him wrong....

    What do you think?


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    Re: Britney's Womanizer Metal version

    Nice take. I do wish that the opening had no guitar tone (just to make it a surprise when we discover what song we are in), and that there was a different accompaniment in the middle to contrast and make us want to return to the initial take.

    Enjoyed it.


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    Re: Britney's Womanizer Metal version



    Great work!
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    Re: Britney's Womanizer Metal version

    Hey, that was good man. I'd make the voice a little more present. Hard to hear the words.

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    Re: Britney's Womanizer Metal version

    Any chance of making this available again? I like this song and was looking forward to hearing this! (I stumbled on this post whilst searching for something else)


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    Re: Britney's Womanizer Metal version

    Pleaaaase upload again - the link says : This shared file or folder has been removed.

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