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Topic: QLB2????

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    Does anybody has any reliable news about QL Brass 2? Is it coming out or not?
    I just don\'t wont to get in to situation where I splash out my savings on DDSB and then that QLB2 comes out...


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    Re: QLB2????

    QL Brass 2 will not be out any time soon.

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    Re: QLB2????

    That is too bad Nick. While I love the sound I am getting by using DDSB and QLB together, there is definitely still room for high quality brass ensemble sounds.

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    Re: QLB2????

    I remeber Nick Saying it would be out Either Oct or Nov1\'st. I guess he changed his mind.

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    Re: QLB2????

    Sure you aren\'t thinking of \'56 Strat and VotA? Those were the November releases.

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    Re: QLB2????


    Do you have any tips and tricks you could pass on regarding brass eq and reverb? I\'m using AO and MV brass and while they sound pretty good I\'d like to add some \"sparkle\" to the horns.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: QLB2????

    I\'d appreciate any EQ advice on brass as well. I mainly need some advice on the Miroslav Brass and Woodwinds FF French Horns. They need some low mids cut out and some highs boosted, but since I\'m not an engineer I don\'t know about what frequencies that would be. Especially the low mids, what frequency could I try and cut out some so they dont sound so muffled?

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    Re: QLB2????

    Well I dont own Miroslav stuff so I\'m not sure what I would do with the EQ on those. If you\'re looking for that bright sizzle, there is nothing that will add it back in if it wasnt there in the first place. In fact trying to add that stuff in generally sounds bad in EQ. Its a character of the instrument that cant be replicated. What you might want to do is layer some high end from a synth ff horn patch just slightly in on the top of the samples.

    as for samples, I\'ve found that cutting mids sounds good for in your face Media ventures type brass. Its like doing the ole \"sooop\" on the old home stereo EQ. For more realism I tend to pull the lows, and trim the highs then place the horns in reverb. Since the horns are usually farther away and high end starts to get muffled. As well as proximity effect is lost.

    For air, there are some nice Direct X plug ins. HyperPrism stuff is a great bundle for the price. They aren\'t the greatest plugins, but if you use them in conjnction with others you get some nice sounds.

    Generally pumping up in the 9500+ range starts to give you that air....not to mention noise

    BTW I dont mean Shelving the highs but peaks here and there help. The ultra highs is where the real artificial \"air\" can be achieved. 15000+ range

    With regards to low mids and French Horns. I think this is where I run into my horn+reverb problems. The resonance is so powerful here so taking it out makes the horns sound thin,..but since the resonance is so powerful on certain notes/meldies it just mushes and there is too much \"power\".

    What I\'ve been toying with is notching out certain resonating frequencies in EACH individul sample, then creating a \"resonating noise\" batch of samples that I can use a CC controlled filter with to play underneath horn samples. This will give me utmost control, and not take away the power...theoretically.....How good it will sound is another thing all together

    still its one of the more interesting ideas I\'ve thrown around in my head the past year...another one being something that you\'ll possibly see in some future library release.

    what you might want to try Damon is riding the EQ on your horn trck during the mix own. And possibly ecen do duplicate tracks with different EQ settings and crossfade between them. this is a fairly new trick that I\'ve been toying with. Its pretty simple. You can\'t however do much of this on full mixes, teh thing starts to sound liek a warped tape with too much EQ tweaking.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: QLB2????

    yah he only mentioned that he was going to do it, and asked for ideas, then the whole \"brass thing\" happened, and he decided to put it on hold for awhile and focus on other things like \"somethign amazing he\'s been workign on that he kept from us ....VotA

    If you are waiting for ensemble brass, you might want to wait for the guys taht are doing some sampling of brass at the moment. I dont believe they are completely sure they are going to release a library, but it sounds like they might. Their early demops showed much promise.

    then ther is also Kirk Hunter Brass. It sounded like he\'s already recorded the brass...not sure...but if he has, it will take some time for programming. Considering how long it took for the KH to be released after it was announced for Gigastudio, it might be a while for that one as well...but again there is promise. Many people like Kirk Hunter Strings.

    The only person I\'d \"wait\" for, regarding brass, would be Gary Garritan, if he\'d ever do a brass library.

    Anyhow. I\'m fairly happy with Dan Dean Solo Brass in combination with QLB. There is room for one KICK A** library, no dobt. But the results you can get from a little extra programming on both of these, and some mixing, EQ, and \'verb is pretty darned toootin.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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