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Topic: Buccaneers!

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    Here is a piece I slapped together in a day just for fun a few months back.
    Check it out: http://benbotkin.com/soundtracks/piratesbotkin.mp3

    The instruments I'm using are:
    EWQLSO plat, RA, Colossus, Appasionata Strings and a little Symphobia.

    While we're talking pirates, I just wrote a post titled "Five Soundtracks more Swashbuckling than POTC" on my blog at the same site: http://www.benbotkin.com/2009/05/fiv...the-caribbean/
    It's a shame there's no pirate smiley, but ninjas are close enough these days.
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    Re: Buccaneers!

    Slapped together... Yeah.

    Epicness!!! Definite piratey-ness, those classic celtic-ish rhythms and all. Do I hear some Zimmer-influenced chordal stuff towards the beginning?

    string quartet (ˈstriŋ kwȯr-ˈtet) n. a good violinist, a bad violinist, an ex-violinist, and someone who hates violinists, all getting together to complain about composers

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    Re: Buccaneers!

    Very cool! This definately sounded like a pirate film score to me. I have been trying to get a handle on this type of writing, but I still need more work on the the style. I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for the post.

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    Re: Buccaneers!

    Oh, yes, this buckles my swashes right up!

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    Re: Buccaneers!

    Wow! I'm so used to the pieces over at the EW forums, nothing but boombastic. This is very lyrical, rich with melody and motif. Very good piece! Going on my mp3 player for sure. Fantastic work!

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    Re: Buccaneers!

    I like it, Ben Botkin! Excellent writing! You possess some fine compositional skills. I enjoyed your work very much.

    Best Regards,
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Talking Re: Buccaneers!

    Ben, this is really fun to listen to!

    I really wish you'd go back and polish it though...I'm not sure if you were trying to "humanize" it or something, but there were numerous instances where the performance and/or tempo sounded quite sloppy. The attacks on some of the notes were also lost in the mix. I'm nit-picking, but this could be a fabulous show-piece, so I think it would be well worth dusting off and perfecting.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Marius Masalar
    Mathazzar Studios

    Composer for Media


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