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Topic: Struttin Onward (jazz)

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    Struttin Onward (jazz)

    Here's the latest compilation and arrangement of a tune the band LWJ did. Features flute and trombone solo. Kind of a sassy strut-like tune. Very busy at times. I recommend playing this one loud.


    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: Struttin Onward (jazz)

    This is a well named and thoroughly enjoyable piece. There were a couple of points where I thought the small drum rolls sounded a little mechanical but I am being picky.

    I also think the trumpets towards the end were lacking a little dynamic variation. But once again I am nitpicking.

    This was very enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Struttin Onward (jazz)

    Well, Rich - Your dedication to jazz is displayed in a stellar way with this track. Now really, most people wouldn't be analyzing and picking over your use of software to realize this recording, they'd just be enjoying the music - because you've made the use of technology virtually invisible in this superb piece.

    We could all only be so fortunate to wield as mighty a musical sword as you!

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: Struttin Onward (jazz)

    I always wished to be able to make such music myself. Sounds great to me. Nice "divertimento" on a sunday mothersday afternoon. More, please.


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    Re: Struttin Onward (jazz)

    Very nicely done and very enjoyable. You got the sound and feel perfect.
    Trent P. McDonald

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