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Topic: Wish about voices and sustain pedal

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    Wish about voices and sustain pedal

    Depress the sustain pedal, press the same note 32 times and run out of voices. I tend to play the same chord several times with the sustain pedal on and run out of voices quickly. So... if the same note is used more than once, how about canceling the previous use of that note?

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    Re: Wish about voices and sustain pedal

    Hi Frisbieinstein,

    You can increase the number of voices available in Kontakt Player 2. Go to the instrument you wish to use and look at the Voices: Max: section. You'll see little arrows when you hover over the Maximum number. A larger number of voices will consume more of your computer's processing power and there will be a limit to the number your machine will be able to handle (probably in the hundreds).

    Hope this helps,

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