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Topic: GO Studio and Cakewalk Sonar recording

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    GO Studio and Cakewalk Sonar recording

    I hope this is the right forum.
    The other day I decided to give the GPO studio a shot instead of loading GPO as a VST. Everything works OK, I guess except for when I try recording.

    When I arm a track and press recording nothing happens. In fact, at times the entire GPO studio goes silent and the only cure is to switch the audio driver settings from 24 to 16 bitds and then back again after sound resumes.

    Finally, after a few trial I discovered that the only way to record without silencing GPO is to hit the record button after hitting the play button. That means that I have to have a few empty bars before I can go ahead and record. Already I am pretty bad as a keyboard player and this really messes my playing.

    Am I missing something?

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    Re: GO Studio and Cakewalk Sonar recording

    Hi Conticreative,

    GPO studio is a program designed to allow notation program users and other midi-capable applications that lack VST support to use GPO. Since Sonar hosts VSTs natively, using GPO via Studio adds another complexity to the chain. The silence problem you're experiencing is because Sonar and Studio are trying to use the same set of resources on your system. However, the routing of the audio system makes this difficult.

    There's not difference in sound quality and there isn't much of an added CPU overhead, so I'd really recommend staying inside Sonar. You have a lot more flexibility from within the DAW.

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    Re: GO Studio and Cakewalk Sonar recording

    Thank you I have sort of figured out that one by myself eventually. I tried it to see if it would "buy" me something, but it didn't.

    My guess was that it would reduce the overhead of multiple instances of the VST inside Sonar and therefore allow me to have more tracks at the same time (the last Sonar I upgraded to is not as stable as the previous version on my machine). I guess that it would do, but the flip side is the cumbersome operation.

    I'll stick with the VST. Thanks

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