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Topic: How to save instruments for next use?

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    How to save instruments for next use?

    Hi all,

    I use GPO with Sibelius 5 to provide a more realistic representation of my scores.

    One problem I have encountered is that if I manually load up 7 or 8 instruments for a brass ensemble, for example, I then have to load them up every time I come to work on it again.

    Is there a simple 'save configuration' feature I am missing somewhere?


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    Re: How to save instruments for next use?

    Hi, Matt

    Hummm. I'm not quite sure why it's not working for you, but when you've set up a project in Sib, everything should load back up each time you re-open the project to work on it. That would include the instruments you've set up in Kontakt.


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