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Topic: Happy Limerick Day!

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    Happy Limerick Day!

    It's been a while since we did a round of Limerick. And what better time to do so on Limerick Day.
    Today is the day for the Limerick
    Tho' rhyming may not be your bailiwick
    It's only one day
    Then it will fade away
    But not for Reber our maverick

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    Re: Happy Limerick Day!

    Ahh...'twas Limerick Day on the forum
    So I wrote one 'cause I just adore 'em.
    But I still cannot wait
    Till new software creates
    a G. P. O. Aria quorum!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

    http://reberclark.blogspot.com http://reberclark.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/reberclark

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    Re: Happy Limerick Day!

    A GPO novice am I,
    and I set out for to espy,
    if I can create,
    music that's great,
    or should I even bother to try?

    I thought to create so bold,
    a song to enrapture the soul,
    though I labor so well,
    its too hard to tell,
    whether I will accomplish the goal.

    Or how about an oldie but a goodie?

    A tutor who tutored the flute,
    tried to tutor two Tudors to toot.
    Said the two to the tutor,
    "Is it harder to toot
    or to tutor two Tudors to toot?"

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    Re: Happy Limerick Day!

    There was once a very fine group,
    Who would frequently go cockahoop,
    Over samples galore,
    Bought online, not in store,
    With many a crossfaded loop.

    Now amongst these musicians so fine,
    Was a legend, twas older than time,
    That a hero would rise,
    Armed with VSTi's,
    With a sound that was simply sublime.

    Of his coming there'd be a clear sign,
    In a prelimin'ry line,
    With harps and strings,
    And all kinds of cool things,
    That could scrape, blow and rattle in time.

    But t'would be an entirely new story,
    When he should come into his full glory,
    On a platform of power,
    Plugin of the hour,
    With Steinways, new strings, and Bansuri.

    So in faith they watched for the day,
    When this hero would come their way,
    And release all their songs
    With his heavenly throngs
    Of sounds they could really play.

    But the waiting stretched out over years
    Until there were half-whispered fears
    That the legend had failed
    And the hero had bailed
    Ne'er to bring his new sounds to their ears.

    The word imminent rang through the air,
    But had not been chosen with care,
    And the hope that it brought,
    All came still to nought,
    Till the stalwart gave up in despair.

    Then one day he was suddenly there,
    Catching all users unaware,
    And the sounds that he brought
    Made the wait seem as nought
    The answer to everyone's prayers.

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    Re: Happy Limerick Day!

    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: Happy Limerick Day!

    Ah Pingu, you've summed up this forum
    with wit, brevity and decorum
    While Gary's intention
    Is always to mention,
    It seems that that strategy's bored 'em

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