We've got a fresh batch of love for you all: The Bamblong! Yes... The BAMBLONG!?

It's a small tuned percussion instrument, similar in principle to a marimba. It has 4 bamboo resonance chambers, from 1½ - 2¼ inches wide and 8 - 14 inches long, with sound holes in the top of each one. The playing surfaces are thin bamboo planks, suspended on pegs over each log. It came with a set of mallets with rubber heads that appear to be carved out of bicycle tire. It has a very crisp yet mellow, raspy note with a short sustain. We captured it both wet and dry, using our old favorite hall and our large recording booth. We used close micing techniques in both to get a responsive, warm, present and intimate sound. We also sampled it right down to the bone, with an average of 20 velocities per note and a standard 10 round-robin variations per layer. We also recorded hits and rolls using nylon jazz brushes in the dry set.

We also created a selection of dynamic ambient patches, using only the Bamblong as source material, providing ready-made textural accompaniment.

As an added bonus, we've included a large set of convolution reverb impulses, carefully recorded in the same hall as many of our past instruments. We did our best to capture the breath and clarity of the room, to allow you to bring any instrument you like into that same acoustical space. They are encoded in standard wave format, so any major convolution reverb plugin should be able to import them, including the built-in convolution effect in Kontakt 2/3.

Bamblong is available for download now for only $35.

Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4+/3 full retail version required.

More information, pictures docs and demos: http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1820

Demo 1:

http://www.tonehammer.com/demo /tonehammer_bamblong_demo_1_dressed.mp3

By Mike Peaslee
Featuring: Bamblong (wet, dry, brushed and ambiences) and male vocal samples from the upcoming library Forgotton Voices: “Michael”

Demo 1 Naked:


Featuring: Bamblong (wet, dry, brushed and ambiences)

Demo 2:


By Troels Folmann

Featuring: Bamblong (wet, dry, brushed and ambiences). Anti-Drum Vol 1. and Vol 2, and female vocal samples from our upcoming library Forgotton Voices: “Barbary”.

Demo 2 Naked:


Featuring: Bamblong (wet, dry, brushed and ambiences)

And here's a little podcasty thing with Mike/Troels rambling about the library:

http://www.tonehammer.com/demos /Tonehammer_Bamblog_Interview.mp3

Hope you enjoy