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Topic: Fux "Gradus Ad Parnassum" for Sibelius 4 & 5

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    Fux "Gradus Ad Parnassum" plus "Viderunt" and "Sederunt" of Perotin

    I am posting this here because I assume that anyone interested in learning orchestration may also wish to study (or brush up on their) Counterpoint.

    I have copied all the musical examples in Joseph Fux's classic work on counterpoint, "Gradus Ad Parnassum", into Sibelius 5; then I also exported those files to Sibelius 4 format. You can download all this material, along with a PDF copy of the book (translated by Alfred Mann), from the following URL:


    Please pass this along to as many people as possible.

    **You will also find my complete Sibelius versions of Perotin's "Viderunt Omnes" and "Sederunt." This is, I believe, the first time anyone has done a complete Sibelius version of "Sederunt." Enjoy!

    By the way, the PDF version of Gradus Ad Parnassum is floating around the Internet, freely available for use and copying (but not altering) under a Creative Commons license; that's why I have included it.

    (If this should be in a different part of the forum, admins, feel free to do what you think is best.)
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