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Topic: Music Production Companies???

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    Music Production Companies???

    Hi to all musicians,

    In relation to my last post about "Music Production Companies" I'm still slightly confused.. are Music Production Companies, music houses & music libraries all the same thing? And Do they specifically only compose original music in-house for projects their commissioned for? Or do they also use other artists pre-recorded work for their projects??
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    Re: Music Production Companies???

    I think in a way they're the same: their main goal is licensing pre-created music to people who want it quickly. But how each company goes about doing that is different.

    I honestly don't have much experience in this field, but I thought this article was a good introduction:


    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Music Production Companies???

    Well, Musicmad - I think it's a bit like asking what a "Film Company" do. Really generic labels - you'd need the background and stats on each individual company to understand what they actually do. What difference does it make, really? - Do research, find people/companies you want to contact and start making the rounds.

    And then when you find an in--Come back and tell us about it. Lots of folks here wouldn't mind working with Music Production Companies of any flavor you'd care to name!

    Best of luck with it all.


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